Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday's Post

     Good morning!  I am glad you stopped by this morning.  I am inside where it is warm.  I suppose it is not really that cold outside compared to what some of you might be experiencing, but I am chilly. 
     Some good "medical" news!  My blood work looked good and my new A1c is 1.5 points lower than last time.  I have been working very hard - low carb bread, noodles, no heavy snacks . . . .  in other words struggling, lol!  But I am getting there.  Truth is I had gotten lazy there for a while.  When I first became diabetic, I went in to panic mode.  I wrote down every carb that went into my mouth in a little notebook - I mean EVERY.  Of course it paid off.  My hospital A1c was 12.7 and shortly after dropped to 6.9.  But living like that was wearing.  I sort of became obsessed.  Then I lightened up a little, then some more, then too much.  So now I am back to being more diligent, but not as fanatical.  Careful, not obsessed.  Okay, enough on me.
      The inchie this Monday was goose.  I chose to do the goose with her famous golden egg.  Sad news, Every Inchie Monday is ending after this year.  I really hate that.  I look forward to those little inches!  Perhaps I can find something to replace it, but it will be hard.
     This week's 3D object from Joey was to do the letter of our first name in 3D then tangle it using the tangle Elvira.

      I also completed several more coloring pages form the Color It freebies.  It was nice to see so many interested in checking them out.  They really are a great site.

     Now off to some online shopping.  I am trying to make up my mind about some Christmas presents.  I also am trying to decide whether to put a set of Derwent INKtense pencils on my own list.  Anyone use those?  What is your opinion?
     See you next week!  I hope you have a great week and take care!  Hugs! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wet Wednesday!

    Fall weather is here.  Cold (by my standards) and wet.  But since I no longer have to trudge out at 6 in the morning - I don't care!  Let it rain!  Now my dog who still has to make outside visits does care.  He does not like the rain at all.  Being a lab mix you would think he would, I guess the "mix" part is something that doesn't like rain. 
     The inchie word was owl!  I love this little owl.  He seems to have such a personality.  I really enjoyed looking at all the owl pictures when I searched for an idea.  They are gorgeous creatures.  I remember a school assembly (when I was teaching) and the nature center brought several birds of prey to show the kids.  They showed the owl and talked about him then they let him fly from one end of the assembly hall to the other.  No sound.  The owl made no sound as he glided over the heads of the children.  It brought chills to me.  So awesome.
     More 3D to work on over at Joey's Creative Inspiration.  This time since we had to use the tangle metal plates, I went with a steampunkish look.  Not my normal style. 
      For the Diva challenge we had to use the tangle wibble.  That is not one I have used so much, if at all.  I combined it with a facebook challenge and added the colors red and orange.
     I am enjoying getting a Christmas coloring page to print every other day from Color It.  The only problem is as I color I seem to be getting Christmas carols stuck in my head!  I wish you could see the glitter the gel pens add.  Take my word - it is sparkly!
     If you enjoy coloring and have access to a printer, go over to the Color It website and sign up for the free pages.  The art work is great and it is FREE, my favorite price!
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a safe and happy day! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy November!!

     Yes fall is here.  The sky is gray - blue.  The air is chilled.  And the front yard is being covered in leaves.  And I am thinking hot chocolate!  What a wonderful time of the year!
      My inchie is the very famous Charlotte the spider spinning her web to help Wilbur.  I love that book.  Reading to children is probably one of the things I miss the most.  I love to read children's books.  I use all sorts of voices and drama and really get into it.  I had a child tell me once when I had been absent that even though the sub had read the book I had left, they wanted me to go back and read it again so they could "see" the characters.  Maybe I will record my very favorite Christmas tale and share it on here - we will see.
      The 3D object to fill was a cylinder.  Joey asked that we use Diva Dance on our work.  I kept mine simple.
      Diva's challenge was Hallow/Fall.  I decided on a pumpkin which covers both.  It also served as the last prompt for INKtober days. 
       And last a couple of coloring pages I had completed this past week.

    One more thing, I did a comparison of blending with colored pencils.  This might come in handy if you use them in your work.  I tried the four methods I have available with both my prismas and the polychromos.  I don't really have a favorite, it is just handy to have what they look like.
     Thank you for dropping by!  I love your comments.  They are my sunshine!  Hugs!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall Chill!

    The air outside is so cool and crisp - full of fall!  I love this time of year.  It is my favorite time I think.  Summer is my least favorite because I don't like the heat.  I prefer cooler weather.  I just got in from the cardiologist - good report, yahoo!  My cardio doctor is so nice, I really like him a lot. 
     The inchie word is squirrel.  It has to be Rocky.  The Rocky and Bullwinkle show was one of my absolute favorites as a child.   Bullwinkle cracked me up (the word moose is later on this year).  Can you tell with all these cartoon references I am a Saturday morning cartoon child?  The good old days!
     We are into 3D challenges over at Joey's and this week we had to use the tangle frunky in a 3D triangle.  If you look close you can see it. 
      Here are a few more things that I have worked on this week -

     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a very blessed week!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good morning!

      I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I love the feel of fall that is now in our air.  It is so crisp and cool.  We even had to turn our heat on night before last.  That first time on for the season is horrible - smells!  But fortunately it doesn't last long. 
       Every Inchie Monday's word was bear.  There were lots of choices for famous bears or just the more natural ones, but I chose to do Boo-Boo that was Yogi's sidekick.  He is sort of special to me.  When I was about 5, my Dad called from the hospital to tell me that Mom had had her baby - a little brother for me!  He told me that now I would have a little "Boo-Boo" bear to play with me.  Yogi was one of my favorite cartoons so I was super excited.  That became my nickname for my brother - even to this day, I will still call him Boo.
      Joey is into 3D challenges this go round.  She has challenged us to fill a 3D box with the tangle betweed.  I love that tangle.  It is one of my favorite "go to" tangles.
       I also worked on a couple of coloring pages this week.  The bright purple one looks like it has some unfinished areas - it doesn't.  I can't get my scanner to pick up neon pens.  Weird.  Does anyone know if  this can be accomplished?  I got a new set of gel pens from Color It this past week and so I have used them every chance I get.  The metallic add a nice glitter - which is almost impossible for you to see.  Trust me, those fish sparkle!

     One last item - I had a lot of wonderful suggestions on ways to write my initials when I asked a bit ago.  I just could not make CSC look pretty the way some artists do their initials.  Well, due to some inspiration - it hit me!  Here is my new "chop".  It is not supposed to be eyes and a nose which it DOES resemble, but instead think dragonfly or butterfly (not Mr. Magoo).  I like it.  It is easy to put on art work and it has all three letters (one backwards).  What do you think??
      I may have one small change to add, but Ray is already at the scanner / computer so not right now. 
      Guess I had better go for now.  It is lunch and I am ready!  Take care and thank you so much for leaving me some sunshine!  Hugs!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Oh Say Can You See . . .

     No, this isn't a political post about the National Anthem, it is MY new anthem.  I had no idea what a difference this surgery would make (and yes, I know you all told me).  The surgery itself was a touch uncomfortable at times, but not at all what I would call painful.  Unfortunately my A-fib started being rather annoying and I thought they would never be able to start.  I honestly did not feel as nervous as I thought so I was surprised that my heart rate got so wonky.  I went for my first post op visit yesterday and I now have 20/25 without glasses in both eyes.  Certainly better than the 20/400 I had in my right eye.  It is a wonder I could see at all.  Well, if I had not had a pretty good left eye, I guess I would not have seen at all.  I am indeed very blessed in so many ways. 
     The inchie word this week is deer.  There is Bambi and Rudolph.  I just drew a little fellow that wasn't famous.
     The Joey 9 week challenge is finished!!  Yahoo!  I am very pleased with this piece and can't wait to see what she poses for us next!
      Diva's challenge was to use the tangle striping.  I don't really use this one very often, much less in a monotangle.  But here goes -

       I worked a bit on my INKtober challenges this week.

       And here are a few other things I finished up.  

      I found I could draw pretty much the next day after surgery.  The day of surgery I came home and slept a ton!  I still stop frequently and rest my eyes, but I don't know how necessary that is.  The only down side to this has been those EYE drops!  My word, what is in them????  They set my eye on fire.  Three times a day!  He did say I could start cutting back to 2 times for a week and then one.  I am surprised you didn't hear me squealing where you live!  Guess I will close up now and do something else - but what???  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine!  Hugs!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Tuesday!!

     Every Inchie Monday's word was chameleon.  I love those lizards!  Many years ago I owned a Jacksonian chameleon.  He was so precious.  When you held him he would wrap his fingers around your finger.  Mine had 3 horns so he looked a lot like a Triceratops!  I wish I had had him now in this age of information overload.  There are things I would have done for his care that I simply did not know to do. 
     One more week for the Joey Inspirational challenge!  I really am enjoying this.  I may have to try it again on my own.  I love getting the "new" challenge and then seeing how to connect in all the previous tiles. 
     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle Tint.  I really am not too keen on how this turned out.  But at least I finished it - that was a challenge!
     October is INKtober!  I decided to play along and do these in my calendar journal.  Here are days 1 - 6.  I know I am well ahead, but I decided to be ahead since I am not sure what my plans are for the end of this week.  I used the prompts from Wholehearted Zen Creations, but there are lists of prompts all over different sites. 

     Here are just a couple of more things that kept me occupied this week -

     Okay friends, tomorrow is the DAY!  I have my surgery at 9:30 on my cataract.  Please stop and say a prayer for me.  I honestly will be glad to just have it over.  I am still anxious, yes, but I am also excited.  I hope there is a huge difference.  I also hope for a healthy eye under this cataract - they could not get any data the cataract was so thick.  Yuck.  I am not sure when I will be able to get back to creating.  Surely that doesn't take too long??  Anyone know??
    Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for dropping by!  Hugs!

Friday, September 29, 2017

My "Corel" Week

     If you see my facebook page at all you know I am playing with a new toy this week.  I got a Wacom drawing tablet and Corel Painter Essentials.  I am very much a newbie, but I am having fun - which was my intention to begin with.  Thought I would share this week's endeavors -

     I am still playing with tools and how to do different things (that is pretty obvious), but I am getting more comfortable with where things are.  I am also getting used to using a drawing pen.  Just thought you might like to see what I am doing.
     By the way, please think of me on this coming Wednesday - that is surgery day!  I am both excited and anxious.  I really can't wait to actually SEE better.  But of course there is the "fear factor".  I doubt I will have another post til later next week - by then I can tell you how I survived!  Take care and have a great weekend!  Hugs!