Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

     We are having a typical summer hot day.  I really do not like heat.  I like mid range.  Not too hot, not too cold.  However I think my tomatoes are enjoying it.  The one plant that is cherry tomatoes is hanging absolutely full of green balls! Now the plant that has slicing tomatoes has only one small green tomato so far.  But on the positive note, I haven't killed them yet.
     This week's inchie was zebra.  I don't have any zebra stories or cartoons.  How could that be? 

     Made by Joey's letter is x.  Almost finished with the alphabet.  I used x's and orbs, xyp, and x-tee.  None of these are tangles I use very frequently.

     Diva's challenge was to use the tangle dansk by Margaret Bremner.  I like this tangle.  I really have to try to keep those lines an even distance apart and as you can tell I am not always successful.

     I also did a bit of coloring.  I made a Hobby Lobby trip last week and had to have some new coloring books.  This one came from a book called "Free Spirit".  I went with a monochromatic palette of blues.  Blue pencils, markers and gel pens.

     Now I suppose I need to go put some creative energy into dinner.  Any body want stir-fry?  Come on over!
     Have a wonderful week!  Hugs!


  1. Ok you convinced me I'm coming for dinner! 😎. Wish I could but it's pizza night at cards so at least I don't have to cook. I agree with you on the weather, I tried so hard not to turn on the a/c because after a long winter and terrible spring I was looking forward to some nice weather I just didn't want it all in one weekend! We had some rain so cooler today and no humidity. Oh Tangles yes that's what we are supposed to be talking about lovely X Tangles nice to use ones we haven't been doing. Very nice dansk and I think your lines look fine I've got to work on my Diva Challenge next.

  2. You need to be careful of invitations like that. We all might run over for dinner, LOL! Love the gem you added to your Dansk (line are just right), and that butterfly is really pretty in blues.

  3. A fun zebra, the round piece is stunning even if the lines are not perfectly space and I really do like the butterfly 🦋!


  4. Always wonderful artwork and a great zebra inchie this week

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Sweet zebra - and a great composition of your Diva tile!

  6. Love your butterfly fabulous just in blues, great zen artwork too and lovely Zebra

  7. I di like the Dansk with the gem! I have the same feeling about real hot and real cold weather, I love the mild days. My cherry tomato plant is also having a lot of (still) green tomatoes and this is after a lot red ones eaten already :-)

  8. Do you make your stir fry in a wok? Is it Thai stir fry? In Pattaya we used to have an evening street restaurant that was famous for throwing a certain green veggi stir fry through the air, across a busy road, and onto the serving plate a waiter held. In daylight you could see strings of veggis hanging from the power cables. Needless to say it was a huge success. As for your tomatoes...sorry, your tiles: Zebra: well, there is still the question lingering about how the Zebra got its stripes, interlinked with the question how the baboon got its bare seat. Your butterfly is a beautiful work of art and so are your X and Dansk.

  9. Your zebra is great and your blue butterfly is very appealing (I love blues) TFS, Dixx

  10. Love all your creations and I am with you I dont like the heat!


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